Street Scene

Amongst other the following scenes are displayed: Chemist Experience a unique chemist, as it was known in 1895, where the pharmacist himself mainly produced medicine. They made use of a Pill Machine, described as a pill roller and cutter. Here you will also find the symbol used to advertise a chemist in those days, which […]


The Garage The Oxwagon in the museum originated from the Karoo and was normally used as a provision wagon between Oudtshoorn and Mossel Bay in 1839. The first car in Oudtshoorn was the Panhard, produced by Mr McDowell in 1904, a Frenchman. Doctors from Oudtshoorn used to have a liking for these cars. Another unique […]

Dining Room

Dining Room The heavy, expensive and luxurious furniture was mostly for the rich. All the furniture used in the dining room belonged to Gert Olivier, one of the old “Ostrich Barons”.


Bedroom An early years bedroom scene with beautiful furniture – carved to perfection, a copper bed and a Long-Copper Pan filled with coals. A historic perambulator is placed alongside the bed as a finishing touch.