Amongst other the following scenes are displayed:


Experience a unique chemist, as it was known in 1895, where the pharmacist himself mainly produced medicine. They made use of a Pill Machine, described as a pill roller and cutter.

Here you will also find the symbol used to advertise a chemist in those days, which was a bottle filled with red coloured water and placed in the window.


For those who appreciate the finer things in life, our collection of porcelain and glass will make a statement. The original designs of Willow-Pattern crockery (1850), Cranberry crockery (1880) and Earthenware, originating in Tzechoslovakai (1918) surely enjoy the attention of most tourists.


Representing the way in which banking was done in the early days.


If fashion and art is something you admire, these handmade cloths, made from satin and silk materials will surely be a highlight.

The designers mainly made use of beads and sequins to make it more interesting.